Girousi Stella's Profile

Personal Information

Name           :  Girousi Stella

Designation :  Professor

Department :  Department of Chemistry

Affiliation    :  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,

                        Thessaloniki, Greece         

E mail          :        


Research interest:

-     Development of analytical methods for the voltammetric determination of metals using mercury, carbon and  mercury/bismuth thin film electrodes.

-     Development of enzymic and electrochemical DNA biosensors at carbon and mercury electrodes in the study; of the interactions between drugs-DNA, in the detection of methylation in the recognition of micromolar compounds, synthetic oligonucleotide sequences which comprise nucleobase analogues and proteins, in the development of methods of epigenetic control. Moreover, the development of electrochemical biosensors using nanomaterials and screen printing technology.