Aim and Scope

Journal of Chemical Research Advances (JCRA) is dedicated to the publication and worldwide dissemination of peer-reviewed research articles, communications and review papers in all areas of chemistry. Particular emphasis will be given to publications which bridge traditional disciplines within chemistry or provide insights of interest to the broader chemical community. JCRA delivers research and other publications in open access form. Manuscripts relating to all disciplines of chemistry and chemical education in the broadest sense will be considered for publication. The fields of study are analytics and detection, astrochemistry, bioinorganics, biological and natural products, catalysis, chemical education, chemical history, chemistry and society, colour chemistry, electrochemistry, food chemistry, green and environmental chemistry, inorganic materials and polymers, medicinal chemistry, molecular inorganics, molecular organic, nanoscale science, nuclear chemistry, organic materials and polymers, photochemistry and photophysics, physical chemistry and chemical physics, supramolecular chemistry, theoretical chemistry.