Review article (Published On: 25-Jun-2022 )

Generation of bioimaging towards design of hybrid micro-machines and micro-swimmers`

A. Guillermo Bracamonte and Luna Rocio Gomez Palacios

J. Chem. Res. Adv., 03 (01):22-27

A. Guillermo Bracamonte : INFIQC, Institute of Physicochemical Research of Cordoba Dept. of Organic Chemistry, National University of Cordoba (UNC), Argentine

Luna Rocio Gomez Palacios : National University of Cordoba (UNC) Argentine

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Article History: Received on: 17-Mar-22, Accepted on: 23-Jun-22, Published on: 25-Jun-22

Corresponding Author: A. Guillermo Bracamonte


Citation: Gomez Palacios LR and Bracamonte AG (2022). Generation of bioimaging towards design of hybrid micro-machines and micro-swimmers`. J. Chem. Res. Adv., 03 (01 ):22-27


Nano-labellers could show variable emission properties depending on the intrinsic matter constitution of the designed nano-particle. The composition could incorporate varied non-classical light sources.  Thus, the study of metal-enhanced fluorescence (MEF), fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), coupled phenomena, and other enhanced scattering light phenomena is highlighted. We discuss the deposition of nano-emitters on biostructures for targeted studies and specific applications. And in this context recently, it was reported different designs of nano-emitters for the generation of ultraluminescent biostructures, single biostructure detection, targeted light delivery through biostructures, and other applications as protection agents against antibiotics and stabilizing agents of nano-vaccines. In addition, from these studies and applications, the perspectives of these nano-biostructures as synthetic or hybrid biostructures for targeted applications within biotechnology were discussed. In these synthetic Nano-Biostructures, each component acts as a functional component to generate the final function. Moreover, it was afforded to show and discuss about Dynamics of interactions between the different components of the hybrid structure and inter-Nano-Biostructure interactions to form Nano-Bio-assemblies for multiple uses Thus, the concept of micro-machines for nano-medicine and biotechnology was introduced. This short communication intends to show important research developments from fundamental studies towards targeted applications.


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